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Sleep Specialists, located in Huber Heights, and Sleep Diagnostics of Dayton, located in Centerville, are two of the largest sleep diagnostic and treatment practices in the Dayton area. These practices are owned and directed by three pulmonologists who are board-certified in Sleep Medicine and have more than a combined 30+ years of experience helping individuals regain their life through better sleep.

This team of caring sleep specialists will be involved in every aspect of your care. These physicians can diagnose and treat breathing disorders that occur during sleep and other sleep disorders, including:

Excessive daytime sleepiness
Sleep apnea
Restless leg syndrome
Periodic limb movement

Proper treatment can prevent or reverse the potentially dangerous consequences of many sleep disorders. In most cases, our patients enjoy reduced sleepiness and a better mood quickly after treatment begins!


For any questions please contact Rachel Hindsley, CRT, RPSGT
Director of Lab Services at 937-610-3800
For any questions please contact Carol Gore, CRT, RCP Director of DME Services at 937-312-9144
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